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  • Adrian Lepiten

10 Eco-friendly Summer Tips For Your Family and Friends

Summer is almost upon us, which means sunny days and warm temperatures are on the way. Although the majority of us will be working, especially the adults. The kids will be hooked to their computers all day. To resolve this concern, we've put up a list of activities for you and your children to enjoy in the summer weather. But this time, let’s make it eco-friendly!

An Eco-friendly summer is not boring, it is simply brighter and better for the planet. When we take extra precautions to make this season more environmentally friendly, we are helping and safeguarding nature for future generations to enjoy. So in order to enjoy your summer while protecting the Earth, here are 10 Eco-friendly Summer Tips For Your Family and Friends.

1. Backyard picnic

Instead of driving long distances to your favorite restaurant or dining place that consumes a lot of fuel, how about a backyard picnic with your family? Relax on the soft grass with the sun on your back while eating healthy organic food and eco-friendly products. Save energy and save earth!

2. Start a garden

Have you wanted to start your own garden? Well, this summer is the best time to do it. Grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables in your own yard. They're organic, and taste better when harvested fresh.

3. Reduce your air condition consumption

We understand the feeling, especially during the summer season. The heat is intense and searing. However, resist the need to turn up the air conditioner to full blast. That would be a waste of energy. Instead, use rechargeable fans with an ice dish in front to keep the air chilly when it blows.

4. Zero waste camping

Spend a day or two away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved ones. Go zero waste camping. Make your trip more environmentally friendly by using reusable items, preparing your own meals rather than purchasing them, and leaving no trace behind.

5. Beach Clean-Up

Volunteer and bring your best friends to help clean up the beach. Beach cleanups may not remove all the plastic and waste from the ocean, but they raise awareness about pollution and educate individuals through action. You could be someone's inspiration to do good for the environment.

6. Start a composting

Summer is an excellent time to compost. Warm temperatures and increasing humidity allow piles to heat up and decompose rapidly.

7. Go on a hike and plant a tree

Go on a hike with a seed in your pocket and indulge yourself in the beauty of nature. Before you start your hiking adventure, pack a bag with reusable containers full of snacks and water.

8. Go jogging and picking every morning

Make your daily activities more meaningful and environmentally friendly! Aside from immersing yourself in the wonders of nature, you can also go for a jog. While you are getting in shape this summer, you can help reduce plastic pollution by picking up trash every time you see one. Let your legs lead you to a sustainable path.

9. Clean your house

Cleaning up your home is one of the best things you can do for the environment this summer. Cleaning allows you to see valuable stuff that you didn't use but can be donated, such as clothing or shoes.

10. Summer upcycling

If you are not the outdoor type of person this summer, then you can do upcycling inside your home. Activate the crafty side of you and turn old garments or scraps into something new. Let’s not make it a habit of tossing the things we no longer need. Instead, we should look for ways to repurpose them.

Make your summer more sustainable!

We must all do our share to save the earth. Join us and participate in the environmental sustainability movement. This summer, make sure to check all 10 Eco-friendly Summer Tips above and share them with your family and friends.

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