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  • Adrian Lepiten

10 Sustainable Business Ideas That You Can Start At Home

Green business prioritizes sustainability and conservation in their business, they work to reduce the negative environmental impact of their company by producing green products and supporting sustainable initiatives through local partnerships and philanthropy.

Do you want to start a business and be an entrepreneur that protects the environment? You are lucky because we have 10 Sustainable Business Ideas That You Can Start At Home!

1. Grow your food and sell

We do not believe the idea of having a green thumb is the only one who's capable of growing plants because we think that anyone can plant at their own will. If you are a newbie in the business and a plant enthusiast at the same time, you should start with what is simple and easy that you can perform in your backyard. Growing your food and selling it to the public is like plotting some cash in your hands, you are generating money and helping the locals by only doing what you love.

2. Create Homemade Organic Beauty Products

Did you know that animals are suffering and dying just to test your commercial beauty products such as soap, shampoo, cosmetics, and more? It is true. To start your business at home, you can have it by creating homemade organic products that are non-chemical added. It is good for us, better for the animals, and best for the environment.

3. Sell Plants

In connection to number one, aside from growing crops and goods in your backyard, you can also plant succulents and other indoor plants that can be used as decorations and also can be a great source of fresh air inside your home.

4. Open a Thrift Store

Large corporations and companies are exhausting our finite resources, and opening a thrift store might be a catalyst for intervention. People usually consume what is available in the market, especially the mainstream products, but due to the movement of #OnlyOneEarth and #LetEarthBreathe, many people are shifting to green and sustainable living in any way that is possible. So, starting a thrift store will be a good start for you at home.

5. Refurbish Furniture and Sell

You may not be aware that every year, almost 10,000 tons of furniture wind up in landfills and the ocean. Yes, it is true. It is the time to clear up your storage room and give new life to your old furniture by repairing them and putting them on the market. You just need the right household tools and a YouTube DIY tutorial.

6. Write and Publish Green News

If your creativity lies in your pen and paper, then this is the moment to make your space on the media by creating blogs and content about green and sustainable news that are essential for the people and the environment. A piece of reminder, storytelling fuels a movement.

7. Sell a Plastic Bottle Recycling Business

Each bottled plastic can take up 10 000 years to decompose, and 80% of them end up on the surface. Huge corporations and companies have been producing them excessively, leaving the consumers to consume what's available in the market. To start your business movement, begin by collecting plastic bottles in your home, offices, parks, and schools. Send them to your local recycling center for profits.

8. Sell a Paper Recycled Products

Most of our packaging is usually single-used plastic which is widely known as a great contributor to pollution that harms our environment and inhabitants. If we also talk about papers, a huge factor in their production is tree loss. Given those environmental and product concerns, you should start a business primarily focusing on recycling papers and producing products such as recycled paper, packaging boxes, postcards, and more that you can ever think it is beneficial universally.

9. Start a Green Pest Control Business

It is well recognized that exposure to pesticides can cause renal and central nervous system damage, as well as an increased risk of cancer, in all stages of age. In addition, it is also a great contributor to water contamination. This might be a good start to creating eco-friendly pesticides that are made organically and non-chemically added. It’s very simple to make green pesticides, and some of the materials and ingredients needed are found inside your home.

10. Start a Green Cleaning Services

For most working parents, cleaning and performing necessary chores inside the house is often on the bottom list. Starting a green cleaning business by providing services ranging from light dusting to labor-intensive tasks like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom by using only authorized all-natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions can completely shift the game for a new entrepreneur.

Call yourself a green entrepreneur now!

It is the exact time to start a green business without any shortage of benefits. With the current state of our planet right now, it is becoming more challenging to manage. We must change right away because going back to normal is not possible to happen. Instead, what we need is to grow, and that growth should be sustainable and green.

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