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Green Mo: How to Launch a Sustainable E-Commerce Business

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Sustainable E-commerce

When we were compelled to stay at home owing to full lockdown restrictions imposed due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, we had to drastically change our purchasing habits, shifting from excursions to physical stores to buying online. According to Statista Research Development, global e-commerce generated approximately 2.1 billion pounds of plastic packaging in 2019 and is projected to continue to grow, reaching an estimated 4.5 billion pounds by 2025.

Be that as it may, e-commerce has benefited the world through easy shopping—purchases at home, on vacation, and at work—making the whole process more convenient for consumers. However, demands continue to wave for online shopping, and unfortunately, it’s the other way around for the planet.

For this reason, we need to switch from skyrocketing unsustainable shopping to sustainable e-commerce now more than ever. To begin, let’s dive into this article as Green Mo. prepares seven essential lists of How To Launch a Sustainable E-commerce Business:

1. Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable e-commerce means practicing online transactions that do not harm or cause negative effects on the environment while promoting long-term sustainability. If your company wants to switch to sustainable e-commerce, you also need to change your source. Choose environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced items. Support suppliers and manufacturers who utilize renewable resources and follow sustainable practices.

2. Green Packaging

Green packaging is the simplest way to achieve sustainable e-commerce. You need to utilize eco-friendly packing materials such as newspapers, biodegradable plastics, recycled cardboard, or reusable packaging and minimize excess packaging; only use what is necessary.

3. Energy Efficient Operations

Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to perform the same task. This service entails putting into practice strategies that lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, such as choosing renewable energy sources for your e-commerce website and business operations, like solar or wind power.

4. Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Partner with carbon-neutral shipping companies; they aim to transport your products eco-efficiently by balancing out the amount of carbon emissions created from the shipping and handling necessary to deliver a package.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

While practicing green business, it is also important to encourage your customers to reuse and recycle to reduce the production of packing materials. If you have more than just products and services to offer, you can provide incentives for those customers who use the same packing materials from your store. In this way, you can promote waste reduction in your community.

6. Transparency and Certification

Communicate your sustainable efforts to your clients in a transparent manner to earn their trust. Be open and honest about your sourcing, trades, organic products, and carbon-neutral certification to boost the credibility of your shop. In like manner, word of your business will travel across your town like wildfire, and people will flock to your services in response to the soaring need for sustainable items.

7. Promote Sustainable Consumption

The scope of your business should extend beyond only offering environmentally friendly services and goods to enlighten the customers you serve about how the choices they make affect the environment and encourage environmentally friendly consumption. Create content on social media emphasizing the advantages of selecting eco-friendly goods and behaviors.

Switch to Sustainable E-commerce with Green MO!

At Green Mo., we provide top-notch services that will surely help your company connect with your audience and generate brand awareness. With our main objective of assisting sustainable brands, you will be able to create marketing that truly impacts people's lifestyles and the environment.

Work with like-minded individuals!

Did you find this article helpful? At Green Mo, we specialize in sustainable marketing strategies for businesses, and we are here to assist you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or schedule a free call by clicking here.

Let's create a lasting relationship that can positively impact our community and elevate your business to new heights!

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