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Holiday Waste Pollution: Christmas Season Generates The Most Plastics

Updated: Jan 6

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Holiday Waste 

Holidays like Christmas are a time for celebration, gift-giving, love, and forgiveness with our loved ones. The season of spending money on food, travel, and, of course, gift wrapping without any sense of waste and doubt—the last month of the year in which most of us give our all to provide happiness to the people around us. Whether it's a small or big gesture, as long as it's from the heart and enough to kindle the festive spirit of Christmas. 

While we enjoy the holiday, we also contribute to the production of waste, which we call Holiday Waste. Let’s have some trivia. Did you know that during the holiday season, an additional 1 million tons of waste are generated in the United States of America (USA) alone? It’s a fact! This number is pretty serious!

In this article, we will discuss the impacts of Christmas in terms of waste production and explore what we, as the public, can do to minimize its environmental impact.

How is holiday waste produced during the Christmas season?

The items that are used to decorate and wrap gifts, such as boxes, bags, styrofoam, and plastic wrap, contribute to the waste that is produced during the holidays. According to statistics, approximately 30% of all waste produced in the United States each year is made up of packaging waste. Imagine the amount of waste produced from this single content alone—alarming, right? With this massive number, it could significantly deteriorate the environment if not mitigated. 

In addition to the wrapping materials used for presents, people also trade gift cards. Remarkably, gift cards are among the most frequently thrown-away products—1.6 billion of them were sold in the US alone in 2016. This raises serious questions about the proper ways to dispose of gift cards.

Even though a lot of people engage in recyclable or reusable eco-friendly practices, a lot of waste still ends up in landfills as a result of poor waste disposal methods.

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How can we reduce holiday waste?

Reducing holiday waste is crucial for mitigating the environmental impact of festive celebrations. One effective strategy is to adopt a mindful approach to gift wrapping. Instead of using traditional, single-use wrapping paper, opt for eco-friendly alternatives like recycled paper or repurposed materials such as newspapers or cloth. This not only reduces the demand for new materials but also minimizes the ecological footprint associated with manufacturing and disposal.

Embracing a "less is more" mentality while shopping can significantly contribute to waste reduction. Purchasing items in bulk not only reduces the amount of packaging but also encourages thoughtful consumption. Small, individually wrapped items often result in excess packaging waste, contributing to the overall environmental burden. By buying in larger quantities, consumers can minimize the need for additional packaging and decrease the frequency of shopping trips.

Moreover, fostering a culture of reusability during the holiday season can make a substantial difference. Encouraging the use of durable, reusable gift bags and containers not only enhances the presentation of gifts but also reduces the reliance on disposable packaging. Additionally, considering experiential gifts or digital alternatives can further cut down on physical waste, emphasizing the importance of creating memorable experiences over material possessions.

While individual efforts are commendable, addressing the root causes of holiday waste requires collective action from corporations and governments. Advocating for and supporting sustainable practices on a larger scale is essential for achieving systemic change. By holding businesses accountable for their environmental impact and encouraging policy measures that promote sustainability, we can work towards a holiday season that is not only joyful but also eco-conscious.

Make your holidays eco-friendly!

As we celebrate the blessings of giving and receiving during the holidays, such as Christmas, it is necessary for us to take on the responsibility of being stewards of our planet. Being an environmentalist or a scientist is not a prerequisite for making a positive impact on the environment; rather, all responsible people should endeavor to coexist peacefully with the natural world.

By being aware of and implementing sustainable practices at home, we not only help to preserve the environment and its resources but also serve as role models for our family members, especially the kids, inspiring them to lead more environmentally conscious and sustainable lives.

Let the sustainable spirit pervade our holidays, be it Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. Accept the ideas of recycling, reusing, and repurposing to help the environment and encourage others to follow suit.

Work with like-minded individuals!

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