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  • Adrian Lepiten

Sustainable Fashion: Breaking the Pace of Fast-Fashion Industry

Updated: Mar 26

A photo with the text “Sustainable Fashion: Breaking the Pace of Fast-Fashion Industry,” and a background of hanging clothes.

Sustainable Fashion

Holidays like Christmas and the New Year are the times when most items are gift-wrapped and sold. Well, it's something that we cannot blame our materialistic senses for—buying new stuff, especially when we are presented with discounts.

Black Friday, seasonal discounts, referral discounts, and other common types of discounts in the United States of America are hard to resist, leading consumers to hoard stuff for themselves and gifts relentlessly.

Given our current climate situation, it is alarming to learn that the primary contributor to its significant and rapid change is the carbon footprint produced by the fashion industry. The fashion industry rapidly moves consumer goods, which is why, during holidays, markets tend to sell items at cheaper prices to introduce and leapfrog new styles.


In this article, we have compiled lists of ways to break the quick pace of the fast-fashion industry.

1. Support Ethical Clothing Brands

Have you ever wondered who makes the clothes that you are wearing? Well, if not, then asking this kind of question is a good start to being an environmentally conscious consumer. To break the pace of the fast-fashion industry, you must know the kind of clothing brands that you are shopping for.

Sustainable clothing brands such as Patagonia, Pact, and Tentree are standard clothing brands, not luxury brands. It means that their brands are on a mission to reduce carbon footprints by producing them in limited quantities. They only produce when needed, reducing the amount of unsold product generated. These brands offer fair-trade prices because their products are long-lasting and durable, which leads to a slow change in clothing style.

2. Thrift shopping at a local store

Thrift shopping at a local store has to be the simplest and easiest way to reduce waste and go green. Along this line, you are minimizing clothes that take months and years to go to waste. Plus, if you are lucky, you can find clothes that are vintage and unique at cheap prices.

Thrift shopping does not just help you save money or reduce your carbon footprint; you are also able to help locals make a living by purchasing from their shop. In addition, there are also thrift stores that are on a mission to make a difference, such as by funding an orphanage, planting trees, or even donating to charity.

3. Rent Clothing instead of purchasing

If you are attending a party, prom, or any type of event in your life and you need one-time clothing to wear, then renting is the best way to save money. Aside from saving funds, renting has a positive impact on our planet, extending the life of clothing for more time, reducing its carbon, water, and waste footprint, and cutting the cost of resources utilized to supply it.

4. DIY or Upcycling

Upcycling or do-it-yourself clothing could be the key to the future of sustainable fashion. Unleash your creative side by making your own clothing to help save the environment.

You can begin by watching videos on YouTube and TikTok; there are many DIY videos on how to transform old garments into the desired design. In this way, you are not only converting waste into new products, but you are also reducing the 100 million tons of textile waste produced each year.

5. Educate Yourself for more Sustainable ways to Act


Fashion is very influential in every possible way, and people with a good eye for fashion tend to jump in, leading to a continuous growth in demand. Though fashion is important for societal satisfaction and artistic expression, it also has a downside. Its rapid changes lead to the degradation of our environment and resources, which is why educating ourselves about the movements in the fashion world is essential.


Education about sustainable fashion creates advocacies that help people understand the importance of protecting our environment and make them aware of their role as responsible citizens. It is time to give back. Artistic expression is important, but we must utilize it to harmonize with nature.

Be sustainable during the holidays!

Fashion should not be fast or slow; instead, it should be sustainable. Our fashion industry should shift towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly industry that not only satisfies customers but also provides a significant impact on our environment and planet as a whole.

By incorporating these five tips on going green and advocating for sustainable fashion, we can make a lasting impact on the planet, whether daily or on holidays.

Work with like-minded individuals!

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