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Your website design and development is a key part of your marketing solution and one that Green Mo. will invest in to help make truly convert, ensuring that you aren’t losing your audience to competitors.

Cup Zero partnered with us to refresh their website, giving it an elevated look to align with their new brand for user-centric and purpose-built results. We have also created a separate page for their new product: Application for Reusable To-Go Cups.


Revamping Website Design & Development.
SEO Optimization

The Brand

Cup Zero is an initiative to reduce single-use cup and lid waste in New York City. This is achieved by their brand’s innovative concept: to create a free system to borrow reusable cups.

Cup Zero have achieved great things in implementing the use of reusable cups for events in New York and Florida, as well as working on reusable to-go coffee cups across New York and its coffee shops.

The Challenge

The main challenge for Green Mo. was meeting the design expectations for this website, and to ensure a visually strong brand that would allow Cup Zero to stand out in an aggressive marketplace, where their brand goals and mission could drown in the noise.

We were tasked to create a website that would appeal both to their B2B & B2C customers, with slick, bespoke, and intuitive functions. We know that we needed to create the balance between both usability and functionality, whilst putting across the brand identity to ensure that the website would convert.

Business Plan

The Solution

To problem-solve, we created the main page as a division between B2B & B2C where the end-user can choose the relevant pathway to navigate their needs. The client enjoyed increased visibility on Google Search, leading to higher conversions and increased user satisfaction from end to end.

“Green Mo really did a really good job of listening to our needs, brainstorming solutions, and executing well. We worked with them on a website redesign and we are very happy with the work!”

Michael Cyr, Co-Founder of CupZero.



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