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Leaders Team came to us to get assistance on the digital marketing end. We have partnered with them to work on their CRM system to build complex email campaigns and landing pages, both for nurturing their existing clients and to promote their services to the external network. We also took the challenge to boost their presence on LinkedIn.


CRM Management
Email Campaigns
LinkedIn Ads
Sales Navigator
Website Management
Video Editing
App Design

The Brand

Leaders Team is a unique business consulting and leadership development boutique firm that works closely with leaders and their organisations from around the world.

They use a unique methodology and talent to distinguish, dismantle and discover blind spots and limitations, providing their clients access to designing new cultures, empowering people working together creatively, proactively, efficiently, and effectively in action, accomplishing breakthrough results.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges we have encountered was choosing and working on the messaging. Why is their service different? What is ontology, and how can we communicate this astonishing product without violating their licenses?

Business Plan

The Solution

We have increased their following on LinkedIn by 120% organically. We have created, optimized and cleaned up their data and contacts on CRM in the effective way.

We have created over 15 landing pages to register for their program. We have digitalized their payments and made it easier to register for their courses. We have generated over 25 qualified leads on LinkedIn Ads. Currently moved to work on Sales Navigator for them.



Leaders Team

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