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Green Mo. partnered with Michael Valdes to work on his Global Luxury Real Estate Mastermind Podcast to roll out the podcast to a wider audience, increase the number of downloads and create a new website where listeners and viewers were given the option to find out more about the podcast, and its host, Michael Valdes.

Later in the project, we also started work on his YouTube Channel to raise awareness of the podcast among audience members, to boost listeners and overall brand strength.

Creating a lasting brand identity through social media can be a powerful way to organically drive customer loyalty to have those all-important sales conversions.


Web Design
Podcast & YouTube Management Video & Audio Editing
Social Media Management
Paid Ads

The Brand

GLREM with Michael Valdes is a weekly podcast that has a different real estate expert from around the world as a guest each week.

The Challenge

The main challenge that we were faced with was what would be the best way to promote and position his podcast.

Business Plan

The Solution

An exponential increase in website traffic since starting work with the client
516k impressions on Facebook in January 2021
10,000 monthly site visitors during ad roll-outs
32,000 podcast downloads at all times

"Green Mo. has been an exceptional company to work with. They have an unparalleled work ethic and truly care about their clients. They bring innovative ideas to increase traffic and recognition. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone."

Michael Valdes, President, eXp Global at eXp Realty


Global Luxury Real Estate Mastermind

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